Xbmc recently added not updating how to marry a millionaire dating site

By setting the above to 0, then the "addeddate" becomes the date it was added to the library and not the modified date on the file.

It uses a 10-foot user interface and is designed to be a media player for the living-room, using a remote control as the primary input device.

I have been using XBMC for 5 years, and this is the first time I have run across this.

I just tested it on my other XBMC box, running Eden, and it sorts by the date added to the library as it should.

Take note of the two files called Addons 16and Addons 18 If you are unsure about doing this you could always navigate to the Database folder using a File Manager and take a copy of them first.

(That’s what I did) One at a time highlight the file and bring up your Context Menu and select DELETE.

Furthermore, the Recently Added list under the Movies tab is not updated.

I have movies from all the way back to 2009 showing up in my recently added list, and it is really annoying Makes the recently added list pretty much useless.

This seems to be a new " ------------------------------------------ Intel Quad core 2.8 Ghz / Windows 10 Pro / 8 gigs RAM/ MCE Remote / 8.5 Tb storage / intel Iris 550 chipset outputing 4k via HDMI to a 80" LED TV / just over 3,800 movies I read to be a self correct., meaning present tense... I was not asking to be sp00n fed or anything, just am not that familiar with all the terms yet. For others searching, as I did to find this thread, here is what is needed in the

the '0' will return the sorting to when added to the library, as before.

Is anyone else noting this behaviour since moving to the Leia Alpha? I'm also in the habit now of installing the most recent nightly. [edit] Oh, and to answer your question, I could see the movie files when looking under the Files view, but they were not appearing after new content scanning in the Movies/Recently Added view.

Whether due to the updated TVDB add-on or the latest nightly (4 July), following the subsequent library scan all movies not appearing on the Movies/Recently Added view since moving to Leia, appeared.

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