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Your lying boyfriend ain’t the only thespian in this relationship.

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Sometimes I’d be so disconnected from myself, I’d end up apologizing to him for him lying to me: “I’m sorry that I have such a bad temper that it makes you afraid to be honest with me.” Whoa man, that statement is about as real as when I looked in a mirror while on ecstasy and saw my face melt into a puddle of rainbows.

So, say goodbye to marijuana and magical mushrooms — dating a liar is its own special trip.

I know, in order for him to lie that much, he has to be in an incredible amount of pain, and I don’t want anyone to be in pain.

If you have not already done so, please contact your lawyer, legal aid, local women's crisis centre or the police for more information about services within your community. Today, many people get married and develop strong friendships through their internet connections.But, like everything else, there are guidelines or things you should be aware of before you take the leap of dating online.No need to worry about your pals approving of your beau, because liars are charming as fuck.This is one of the symptoms of dating an emotionally abusive person: Even after you break up, you sometimes still feel responsible for their feelings.

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