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They neither affirm nor reject the world, but they do adapt in order to ensure they can peacefully live within it.

World Rejecting NRM A world-rejecting NRM is one that sees the world as inherently evil or corrupt.

For Wallis, cults do not claim to have found the truth, nor do they condemn those who are not part of their group.

This apparent diversity – expressed in the differences of outlook and constituency and in the methods of recruitment of the many various groups – has been usefully conceptualized by Wallis (1984), who divides them into ‘world rejecting (e.g. Transcendental Meditation, Scientology) and ‘world accommodating movements (e.g.

Rather, this hostility should be seen as a product of the particular orientation which different groups adopt towards the world: in so far as world rejecting movements demand the total involvement of their members, and the breaking of family ties, anger and resentment are going to be almost inevitable consequences.

NRM seem to have grown as a result of people's dissatisfaction with the kind of religious experience offered by the traditional Christian churches.

According to Roy Wallis (1984) cults differ from sects in that they are individualised, loosely-organised, tolerant and make very few demands on their adherents.

This is almost the opposite of what we tend to mean by cult in popular usage and popular culture.

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