Who is mememolly dating

I went from the endless summer in Los Angeles to the endless winter in Minnesota.

Yet each day as I got off shift at 6 AM, Bill Fahey was there to greet my morning with a smile.

The first few videos I shot were pretty bad; I had absolutely no experience in actual production besides my high school's digital broadcasting class, where I read the morning announcements once a week.

When vlogging, you may only do one take and make everything up as you go along. Whereas when shooting a show with a script, you have to read accurately, from prompts or by memorizing the lines. I also had to adjust to the many levels of approval.

I think my favorite Know Your Meme episodes are "Autotune" which guest-starred Weird Al Yankovic -- that was an exciting day in the office -- and "Om Nom Nom." Otherwise, I like the "Rollercoaster Chess," "Geddan" and "Sexually Oblivious Rhino" memes.

Tell people something they wouldn't know about yourself.

I'm still getting acquainted with the industry side of online video, but the people aren't so different from the people I met early on.

I maintain active accounts on a number of different social media sites in many media.

And when this LA gal heard the call to go home to the sunshine and the bright lights of Hollywood, he was the first one there to encourage me to go for my dreams and the last one standing with gifts, a cake, and a hug on my last day on the air at Shop NBC.

Hits Radio, John Travolta, Russian Mafia, Next Level tv, Messy hair, no make up, joggers, hoodie; perfection.

In the last year of high school, I took my first real art class and the following year, I ended up attending the Emily Carr University of Art and Design on a scholarship.

Somewhere between finishing a year in Vancouver and today, I moved to New York to work for Rocketboom.

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