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Luke Russert is an American journalist, news correspondent, who worked for NBC news from 2008-2016, His reporting skills was seen on NBC Nightly News, NBCNews,com, Today, and MSNBC.He also appeared on various MSNBC program, which includes Andrea Mitchell Reports and Way Too Early.Not only that the American journalist hosted NBC Nightly News, TODAY, NBC and MSNBC.Also Know About: Molly Roloff Furthermore, he also appeared as the guest appearance for various MSNBC shows such as 'Andrea Mitchell Report' and 'Way Too Early.' Russert made his debut on NBC and have hosted many shows.In August 2008, just after his graduation from Boston College and a month after the death of his father, NBC News hired Russert as a correspondent covering youth issues as part of its coverage of the 2008 presidential election.He was assigned to cover both the Democratic and Republican conventions.Charlie Rangel (D-NY), who was at the time serving as House Ways and Means Committee Chairman.

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Luke was born to a Russert family whose father is Timothy J. Source: Instagram Luke Russert father was a veteran newsman and mother is an American journalist. 34, years old Luke has a perfect height of 6 feet 2 inch or 187 cm, but his actual weight is not revealed yet.

In 2013, he said "I honestly think being a Bills fan is something that’s passed down into your blood.

My grandfather was a die hard Bills fans and he passed it on to my dad.

In February 2012, Russert made his primetime debut on NBC's Dateline with "Conviction," which examined whether the 1998 murder conviction of Jon-Adrian Velazquez was justified or whether Velazquez was wrongly sentenced to life imprisonment for a murder he didn't commit.

Russert has claimed that the American media is biased against people of religious faith, going so far as to suggest that it treats them with a certain degree of snark, labeling them as "puritanical" and "not understanding of others or of different viewpoints", which in his view is lazy and contributes to "[feeding] the snickering masses." He has told POLITICO that, as a sports junkie, he makes sure to watch ESPN's Sports Center and College Game Day and NBC's Sunday Night Football.

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