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And thirdly, she will have to tolerate long hours of playing the guitar or whatever right in their apartment.

Real performers prefer to actually perform in front of the public. When one starts dating a musician, this does not mean owning a person from now on.

If he is a successful performer, he will spend tons of time making shows, even travelling with the band, and visiting cool events with lots of cool people.

if the girl studies, or has a job, she will have to spend some weekends, or even some weeks alone while her boyfriend performs somewhere on a festival.

All of these tips work just as well for girlfriends of male musicians too, by the way.

Or girlfriends of girlfriends, or boyfriends of boyfriends -- whatever turns you on, as they say. Don't Yoko Ono Seriously, it's the biggest cliché in the book -- do you want to be a part of it? She works very hard, but she is not always better than the rest of her band.

When he's not doing yoga or teaming up with my other buddy, DJ Candykid, he's practicing yoga and showing me how to not freak out about random shit. They will put themselves through heartache to share their music with an audience. You will see someone who feels no worth or you may see someone whose sense of self is inflated. You should be aware of it since that will affect your relationship.

He said:"When dating a musician, you're going to be watching a person every day, pouring their energy and emotions to the world. Yet, they will repeat the process, hours into the night, separating themselves from the outside world while each and every tear is used to create their art.

Even the ugliest asshole on the planet, wielding his/her musical weapon of choice in front of a crowd, can garner the underwear-throwing attention of an audience.

Dating a musician is often considered to be a bad move by many.

Then again, the same can be said about dating a writer.

However, it is absolutely possible to have a great relationship with a musician if you know how to handle it. Let them know the one person whose attention matters is paying attention. With you by their side, they will keep channeling what's inside of them into an audible form of expression.

I decided to ask my friends (and spouse) what they had to say about it. Howard is the owner of a record label that specializes in hardstyle, an epic hard dance DJ, and a good friend of mine. The words they can't say are the notes in their song, the metaphors in their lyrics. Even if you don't understand it or worry it's not that good. You're lucky to be the first person to hear it each time.

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