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About: Aaron Sorkin was commissioned by Sony and producer Scott Rudin to write a movie about Facebook based on the book, “The Accidental Billionaires.” Interestingly, Sorkin had little to no knowledge of Facebook when he got the job.He’s self-proclaimed computer ignorant, which makes some of the scenes in the script all the more remarkable.So a year into our relationship, he invited me to one of his lavish house parties.It was everything you’d imagine a party in the Hills to be.He was new to Hollywood – Three years prior he’d created some hot piece of software that sold for a fortune. Even though he didn’t know a lot, he was smart enough to pick things up quickly.This left him with a ton money at a very young age and when you’re young and rich, what do you do? Raised on the first two seasons of Entourage, he liked living the Hollywood life just as much as he liked working in it.

So back in the day I used to work for this producer.

And two, I never looked at money the same way again.

Naturally, all of this came roaring back to me after reading “The Social Experiment.” Instead of a story about brothers though, this is a story about two friends – one a computer genius, the other a business expert – who began a website that became the fastest growing phenomenon in internet history.

The producer wanted to grow as fast as possible (more money).

The brother wanted to retain the quality of the company and slow down (less money).

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