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In some cases, the country returned will be different from the one sent in.

For example, if you search for a ZIP code with country "US", but that ZIP code is located in the US Virgin Islands, the country returned will be "VI".

There is a world of difference between: “Invalid postal code” and “Second, fourth and sixth postal characters must be numeric” For the person who typed in a letter “O” instead of a “0” (zero), this will be the clue they need to correct their error.

Use postal code lookup in your company database, CRM or ERP system and reduce the time needed for data entry.

Speed up queue times at your tills and service desks. Reduce the need for data cleansing in the future by capturing correct data first time.

We can assign the province based on the postal code.

In a couple of cases (M and H) we can also assign the value for the city (Toronto and Montréal).

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