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A Radiation Pyrometer has a sensor within which detects the Infra-Red radition [heat], sends that value to a mini-computer which converts that signal to a temperature reading. We generally use the term "radiation" in the nuclear area to refer to particles or energy released as a result of changes in atomic nuclei, and it is generally dangerous to be exposed to any…

To use a Radiation Pyrometer, one simply points it at the object, pulls a trigger or…

If the rate is too low the rollers automatically move closer to each other (making the paper thinner) and vice versa.

Smoke entering the detector blocks some of the alpha particles, lowering the current, and triggering the alarm.

Many camping lantern mantles used to contain thorium (alpha emitter with a long half-life see decay series). This practice has been stopped but old stock may still be around.

At 500 times the lethal dosage of radiation, they will almost instantly kill a tank crew that is inside of their tank.

A medical application could be in the treatment of cancer, but it is unknown if it is more practical than other methods of radiotherapy. Is the equation of incoming and outgoing thermal radiation.

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