Updating user policies

This facility allows you to assign different policies for each of the OUs based on their requirements.

As the school year progresses you may move around students, staff or teachers to different OUs.

Please contact our customer services team for help.

With Securly you can integrate your G Suite with the Securly web filter and import all your OUs within a few minutes.

If you use a particular business policy more than others, set it as your default by selecting Set as default from the dropdown menu.

If you want to delete a policy that is currently being used in any active or scheduled listings, you'll need to reassign new policies to these listings first.These remain hidden until you opt in, when they become available for you to manage.You’ll see a policy for each set of payment, shipping and returns terms that you've used recently.The policies you’ve already created will still be there, ready for you to use again.Usually this means there are large numbers of business policies created in the background already associated with your account, and our automated processes were not able to clean them up.

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