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If you gave it a new name in Disk Utility, it'll show up as such. This could take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on how much you have stored on your hard drive.When the process is complete, eject the SSD and shut down your computer.

No need to change any settings, unless you'd like to give it a new name.One thing to keep in mind when downloading software packages for much older Macintosh computers and system software versions is that while the software itself is often tiny in size (remember when Photoshop was under 1 MB??), getting those software packages onto the older Macs can be a challenge.Really, the hardest part of the whole thing was tracking down a size 6T torx-head screwdriver for the four torx screws that help hold the hard drive in place. Start by connecting the SSD to your computer with a dock or cable.(I found them at my local Ace Hardware.)As you'll see in the video below, my colleague Sharon Profis resurrected her 2009 Mac Book Pro with an SSD and agrees with me that the process is simple and straightforward. Once it's connected, launch Disk Utility (searchable through Spotlight), and select the SSD from the left sidebar.

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