Updating firmware on linksys wrt54g

Even the updates from the vendor's support website unlock only a fraction of the router's capabilities. Well, that router is really just a fancy pile of switches waiting to be told what to do; that's the hardware.

Third-party developers have made firmware upgrades available that unleash a lot more functionality. The firmware consists of the start-up instructions that make those switches actually do things.

Some people erroneously believe that since you have no power over incoming traffic queues in routers out on the Internet, there is not much you can do to improve their behavior.

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Vista note: Install the tftp client before continuing.To do: Need to reorganize as (1) General installation, (2) Device specific addenda, (3) Configuration adjuncts and recipes (adding features), (4) Config & operational notes on various topics -- Wrlee (talk) , 31 July 2009 (UTC) Once installed, you can load any other firmware file without these machinations, using the config menu item to load new (or old) versions of firmware, including OEM versions.As noted above, the USB port is not supported by the standard Tomato firmware.The help functionality built into the firmware is great, so poke around and don't be afraid to try things.Oh yeah, make sure you back up your configuration before trying new features, just in case.

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