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It may also lead to problems obtaining credit as credit reference companies rely on the Register for background information.

If you are from a Commonwealth country, British Overseas Territory or an EU member state you can also register.

It is also used by local authorities for their duties relating to security, law enforcement and crime prevention, for example checking entitlement to council tax discount or housing benefit.

It may also be used by the police for law enforcement purposes.

The lawful basis to collect the information in this form is that it is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest and exercise of official authority as vested in the Electoral Registration Officer as set out in Representation of the People Act 1983 and associated regulations.

Some of the information that is collected in this form is classified as special category personal data.

The full register is published once a year and is updated every month.

It replaces the previous electoral arrangements - where one person in each household registered everyone to vote - with the requirement to register individually.

People living in England, Scotland and Wales will also be able to register online for the first time.

The courts use the register to summon people for jury service.

It can be sold to government departments to help in their duties such as the prevention or detection of crime.

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