Updating all brick fireplace

Here’s the most basic crash course on painting a brick fireplace.

Julie’s brother did a german wash on his exterior brick. Limewashing is a beautiful technique as well, but the ingredients used are different than those of other techniques. Got some brassy or otherwise outdated metal or faux metal accents on your wood stove or firebox? Over the years fireplaces have gone from strictly utilitarian to completely modern and unique in their design and their function.From fireplaces that are portable to architectural features that demand a second look when you enter the room, fireplaces have transformed how we decorate our interiors.Maybe a brick fireplace that looks like more of a faux-pas than a focal point, perhaps? Our german smear tutorial, painted brick fireplace tutorial and wood stove/firebox update are among the most popular on our entire website.Since brick seems to be something that so many of us want to love, but tend to loathe in our homes, we decided to round up the best techniques and tutorials we could find to help you give your own brick a much-needed makeover!

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