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What is the fastest way to do a large batch insert of XML into an unstructured CLOB table column?Answer: When dealing with large objects, where are relatively few tuning options other than using a large enough blocksize to ensure that the XMLTYPE column does not fragment onto multiple data blocks.Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated in the nominations. mglxxx, i got the code from rick working, what he posted in the very beginning.We are so grateful for the valuable contributions experts make on a daily basis. mglxxx i am trying to update a CLOB in my table, but somehow i am not getting any luck. CLOB DB2 CODE THAT I USED FOR CLOB READ/WRITE READING FROM A CLOB FIELD Connection connect = null; Prepared Statement prep Statement = null; Result Set rs = null; String str XML = ""; String get Items Query = "SELECT IT_XML " "FROM " Database Names. "; connect = get Connection(); prep Statement = connect.prepare Statement(g(); if (rs ! I am so glad that the code is working fine, and so is updation of the Clob field with more than 4000 characters.This book includes scripts and tools to hypercharge Oracle 11g performance and you can buy it for 30% off directly from the publisher. I am trying to switch from an Oracle 8i to DB2 database and I need to update the Java code to support the DB2 CLOB.

For this post, I am not concerned about storing strings that are many mega or gigabytes long - I am more interested in strings that are generally a few thousand characters up to about 32kb in size.Here is a sample of the existing code that I am using to write and retrieve the CLOB in the ORACLE 8i database.//RETRIEVING THE CLOB FROM ORACLE 8i Clob clob = Clob("XML"); Reader clob Stream = Character Stream(); String Buffer str Buffer = new String Buffer(); // Read from the Clob stream and write to the stringbuffer int nchars = 0; // Number of characters read char[] buffer = new char[10 * 1024]; // Buffer holding characters being transferred while( (nchars = clob Stream.read(buffer)) ! mglxxx, i got the code from rick working, what he posted in the very beginning.Question: I've run into a snag where I am executing an insert statement that has a particularly large field requiring some dynamic SQL.I've declared my string variable being executed as a VARCHAR2(32767).

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