Try to be more accommodating

Just cards, cards, cards and phones, phones, phones.Just ask Ove and Marita Mattsson, trying to have a quiet lunch in a café until CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips showed up.From one great Swedish cultural institution, to another: At the Ikea store, almost all their customers were paying with cards anyway, so they made it official – no cash taken.Even, says customer service manager Patric Burstein, for the mandatory snack of Swedish meatballs.A café run by a pensioners' society will still take cash.Some of the elderly don't just worry about the new technology; they worry about the cost of the smartphones they now need just to make transactions.

Watching other people (esp my fiance) saying "no" ever so gently has me wondering how easy life could be if I were able to do the same.

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Christina Tallberg, a lobbyist for a seniors' rights group, said, "You must have the most modern telephone, where you have apps. You can't go to a public toilet."But everybody here has to move with the times, and the times have changed.

Even 73-year-old Astrid Hasselrut, who never carries cash, knows that.

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