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When I did say personal comments from my heart, it would somehow get edited out of the tapings. Can you give us an example of what was cut? If anything, I wasn't allowing myself to open up in front of millions of viewers through a little camera.

Ryan: After disco this week, Cat asked me how I thought I did, and I said I was just having fun and if I can inspire one person to dance and not do anything negative with their life, then I've done my job. If I were in an arena and you had millions of people there, I could do that, because I'm dancing to human beings.

I kinda felt it in my spirit because of how the judges have been getting on me for the last couple of weeks. Then Travis [was in the bottom two with me], and I kind of see Travis as winning the whole competition. I was happy that I was able to be a part of this experience and grow from it as I did. Not only the cast but in wardrobe and music, these people you see every single day, and then when you go home, you're leaving all of them. For weeks now, you looked surprised every time you weren't eliminated. You don't know when is the next time you're going to see everybody. What was the hardest aspect of this competition?

And then as soon as I started dancing they gave me that "no personality" [label], which made it even harder for me. For weeks, all we saw were the awful dancers. Then they show the top 20 and it's like, "Who are these people?

While he may have finished as runner-up, he was so gifted that the show asked him to return a few seasons later as a choreographer. AE: Somebody sent me these tweets between you and Dom [Palange]. TW: Yeah, he’s the first boyfriend I’ve had in five years, so it’s a big deal for me.I am only a contemporary jazz dancer, but they kind of consider me doing everything because I adapt really well. And he went from being the lowest point to being the underdog that's sweeping everyone off their feet.So it seemed not so impressive that I could do [different dance styles] well. As opposed to the way everyone was fawning over your partner, Ivan Koumaev. All the more power to him, because that boy's working his butt off, and he deserves everything he's got. After the show, I'm going to start training a lot and hopefully become a ballroom dancer professionally. Did you wish you'd had the chance to partner with anyone else on the show?Ryan: I probably will come back to New York, because that's just home to me. Weekend Round-Up: Chelsea Manning; Sam Smith; Tom Cruise; Tennessee town drag show ban?

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