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In this article, I'll outline ten of the best sites to conduct your college search and then explain how to get started researching colleges using three of the best sites.Within each section, the sites are ordered from the absolute best to those that are still good but not #1.

This site can be very helpful in your college search because it lets you keep a running list of schools that you’re interested in once you create a profile.There’s even a feature that helps you plan campus visits!This site has one of the best balances between comprehensive data and a user-friendly experience that tells you what you really want to know about colleges. Each school that you put on your list of favorites has a link that takes you directly to the school's website where you can begin the application process.This site contains less hard data, but is relatively easy to use and makes the college search a little more fun (they even give grades for the attractiveness of the student body..important in choosing your dream school)it also gives you the tools to search for schools without feeling too overwhelmed.You can keep a running list of schools that you’re interested in, and the site will help you notify representatives for these schools of your interest if you think any of them are especially good matches.

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