Tony horton and drea weber dating varadmmessages in solaris not updating

She is currently represented by Mc Donald Selznick Associates.

She produced and stars in The Gymnast (film) (2006) which took home 28 festival awards, including Best Feature at Outfest, Newfest and Frameline, and demonstrated her aerialist skills.

Or that she's the only one of Tony's minions featured in the P90X supplement commercials with Mark "The Zombie" Sisson?

How many times does Tony have to remind us that she's a "world-famous aerialist and gymnast" or that she "flies through the air with the greatest of ease"?

My Comments: During round 1 of P90X, I kept wondering what Dreya’s voice really sounded like, because of the silly accents she used in her brief chats with Tony.

Nevertheless, I was amazed at the number of pull ups she could do.

(December 2013 update: Drea joins the cast of P90X3!

) Background/Current: As Tony tells us in P90X, and repeats in P90X2, Dreya is an aerialist, “Flying through the air with the greatest of ease.” She is also an actress, choreographer, and producer.

She toured with Cher during her Living Proof farewell tour and choreographed all of the aerial routines.

In a 2006 After Ellen interview, Weber described herself as omnisexual.

Dreya Weber (born May 8, 1961) is an American actress, producer and aerialist.

This was a couple of years after the P90X series was shot, so I’m assuming Dreya remained friends with Tony despite his inappropriate workplace conduct.

Better yet, it appears that a certain "Tony Sawyer Horton" (his middle name’s no secret -- he put it on his Facebook page) played a detective in “Rebecca’s Secret,” a late night, premium-cable soft-core porn movie.

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