The beginning of a dating relationship

Explain to your boyfriend or girlfriend how you've been hurt in the past, so they will better understand your feelings, but then try and move on. Although eventually you'll find the right person and your relationship pain will be a faint memory.Many couple will rush right past their first kiss and advance to sleeping together.Some couples will continue dating for a while and then one day they both realize they are in a relationship.

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Intimacy is easily confused for love, which could lead to you being in a relationship based on intimacy alone.

Discuss with each other your physical expectations and even your past experiences. Make sure the emotional part of your relationship is ready to match the physical part.

Even though you are now a couple doesn't mean you stop dating.

Is it after you've been dating a certain length of time, after your first kiss, or perhaps after saying "I love you"?

Opinions vary and there is no right or wrong answer.

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