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Hopefully this isn't too off topic, but what about predating?I like this girl (and I think she likes me too), so naturally I want to text her all the time but I don't want to come across as clingy or desperate. 90% of the time I use texting as a way to make plans or ask a quick question, not as a conversational tool.It is quite common, however, that this behavior changes when you first begin talking because they may be interested in pursuing something with you; therefore, if you notice that they're attempting to make conversation and learn more about you, that it could mean good news as to whether they are interested in you or not. '" Since guys tend to be more direct and girls tend to be more subtle, don’t be afraid to show interest in their plans!"If he's asking things to learn about you—if he's asking questions that tell him more about who you are, then he's interested in knowing you,” says Dr. For example, are they asking about your hobbies or the classes you’re taking this semester? At the end of the day, everyone appreciates direct answers, and it helps to match their interest with yours if it’s there. Wanis teaches you one thing, it’s that you should not play games.And if they’re busy with friends, studying, or at work? If someone tries to respond to you in a timely manner, you can be confident that they’re interested; however, it is a two-way street! "Guys tend to be very direct and they tend to be thinking more in cause and effect, and they have an objective—the girl will be more subtle,” says Dr. “She won't come out right and say, 'I want to go out with you.' She’ll express interest in a more subtle way.” While it can be scary to answer a direct question, it’ll only work for your benefit to be straight-up with your answer. Compliments are a major sign of interest, but make sure that she’s not just being friendly! Wanis also notes that some people are emoji people and others are not.They’ll let you know and provide a reasonable explanation. By now, you’ve got a groove going—you’ve been exchanging texts for a little while, have learned more about each other and they’ve shown obvious interest in what you’re up to and what your plans are. “If he's really interested, he then asks you out on a date,” says Dr. “I think, generally speaking, women use them much more than men do,” he says.And in return, they’ll want to talk to someone who will respond right away as well. Because you're starting the relationship off with deceit. While emoji use definitely depends on the person, they could be key in figuring out whether or not she’s interested.Plus, there’s no defined rule out there that says only guys can be direct. If the guys not interested he'll make no effort, and he'll come up with lots of excuses.

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It’s easy to get hung up on their choice of words or use of emojis (or lack thereof).I'd rather have him text me because he had some funny little thing to tell me about or something made him think of me or whatever.I don't see why text conversations are inherently more boring or generic than conversations in any other medium, you can still say all the same things, it just depends whether it flows naturally for those two people in that medium.Texting should be a fun and light way to getting to know each other, and with these little tips in mind, you can feel more confident about whether someone is expressing genuine interest in you or not. And if that’s not enough to convince you, we’ll leave you with this: "Remember this—when a guy really wants something, he will tear down the wall,” says Dr.

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