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If teens see violence at home, in the movies, in video games, or on the street, they are more inclined to copy such behaviors (3).Others, who experience bullying or teasing, become enraged enough to begin acting out in revenge. Lashing out in response to what has been seen or experienced does not account for all instances of teen violence, however.[tags: Violence ] - preference as to which kind of violence surprised me the most would be all of them, because it would mean never having the knowledge or experience of any of the violent acts.Unfortunately, the truth is not only do I have the knowledge about physical, mental and emotional violence I also have been a witness to the violence as a child, teen and adult.As generations continue to pass, the issue of teen violence remains. John Leo, Mike Males, Gloria Steinem, Charlie James, Chuck Shelton, Annette Fuentes, and James Garbarino share their opinions about the controversy of teen violence through newspaper and magazine articles....

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While some rap songs do have violent lyrics, there is no direct evidence that rap music provokes violence in teenagers.

So, while an exact cause of teen violence cannot be pinpointed, there are definite factors that contribute to the likelihood of it actually taking place.

- Teen Violence is a big dilemma in today’s society.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, teen violence can also be caused by frustration due to learning disorders, emotional distress, or attention deficits (1).

In some cases teens do not know how to appropriately channel their frustrations and act out in anger as a form of release.

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