Srilanka room service sex

There's also a couple of good restaurants downstairs.

Pearl City Hotel/ Pearl Grand Hotel- Right in the heart of Colpetty, Pearl Grand will give you A/C double rooms for Rs.

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11,000 upwards for a room unless you're really into Chekov. - This local booking site lets you sort according to price, and the spots registered on it are verified in advance so you know they're legit. It's a work in progress, so if you know any places that are cheap, clean, and legitimate, please comment below so other users can find them too.

Concord Grand Hotel - Based in Dehiwala, this hotel is quite pretty from the outside, and they let you have rooms either for upto 22 hours at around Rs. You can stay for a shorter period, but the price is the same. They also have a pool, in case you're feeling a dip. Hotel Nippon - The Nippon is a gorgeous old building, recently renovated and reopened. Yoho Bed - This is a simple booking site with rooms all around Colombo (and the country). - An international booking site that lets you sort according to a bunch of variables like price, date, room type, availability, location etc.

- If you are two consenting adults, you do NOT need to bribe anybody, the police has absolutely no right to arrest you, demand your ID, or harass/threaten you in any other way.

For vital information, please read our two blogs on 10 Things You Need To Know Before You Have Sex and How Not To Get Pregnant.

Keep in mind, if you think buying condoms is embarrassing, an unwanted pregnancy or STI is a LOT more embarrassing.

They also can't ask you if you're married, if your family knows where you are, etc.

Any 5 star or international chain hotel is more than happy to give you a safe, clean, room for a 22 hour period.

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