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All you need to do is to head to a certain planet, one requested by the empire you are helping since this is a mission you need to take from an empire, and you need to head to the specificed planet on your log and you need to collect a few samples of a certain lifeform in a certain period of time, starting when you land on the planet to collect and return to the planet where you undertook the mission.

Failure here will result in the fact that the relationship between you and the other empire will be lower. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.08] Spice Production Spice Production here is very important, it is the commodity that you trade for the other empires and your own colonies to get you more money.

Anyway, when you use the tools, you can see the direction it is heading by watching the arrows. You are best using the energy tools since you can control where the dot is heading, but they require unlocking and a lot of money to purchase one.

After you have successfully headed into another level, that is, improve the Terraforming Score from T0 to T1, T1 to T2 or T2 to T3, there will be a flash of green light, while a red light means that the Terraforming Score has decreased.

The problem with this is that your proton missiles won't be able to knock them out with a single shot and once you go near them, they will fly like crazy.

You need to catch up and speed up to get close behind them, constantly firing your missiles in hopes that you can kill them.

All you need to do is to fly to where the lifeforms are, using your radar for this, whip out the laser and laser the lifeform to death.

* Red Spice "This rare spice is used as a flavoring for certain foods and often produces an eye-watering effect on the consumer." Purchasing Cost : 3,375 Sporebucks per unit * Blue Spice "A deep blue spice used primarily as a sleeping aid." Purchasing Cost : 4,500 Sporebucks per unit * Yellow Spice "A sour spice used primarily in summertime beverages." Purchasing Cost : 6,750 Sporebucks per unit * Green Spice "A Green spice used in making a relaxing, minty tea beverage." Purchasing Cost : 10,125 Sporebucks per unit * Pink Spice "A pink spice used as a sweetener or as a floor polish." Purchasing Cost : 14,625 Sporebucks per unit * Purple Spice "A purple-ish spice used in making a sweet-flavored purple pudding." Purchasing Cost : 22,500 Sporebucks per unit --==Spice Probability==-- If you don't see, you can tell the probability of spice appearing with a star and the vapour of the planet.

You need to eliminate a majority of them or hold them off long enough to get rid of it.

Failure here will make the spice count lower on the planet. This is where there is a threat to the ecosystem and you need to eliminate diseased lifeforms.

After the plants have been placed, you will be able to place two herbivores there.

After the herbivores are in place, you can put in a Carnivore and that will support 5 buildings for a T1 colony, 12 buildings for a T2 colony and 20 buildings for a T3 colony.

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