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Providing personal, reliable support is integral to who we are.The people behind Servously set us apart when it comes to customer support and performance!We are careful to never overload a server to a point that site speed or performance will be compromised.Shauna Callaghan launched Servously in 2013 and is still the first-line contact for sales, site migrations and support.Our team manages & monitors our hosting clients with unparalleled care.In order to provide a hosting platform with optimal load times and high levels of security, it’s essential to serve our clients at a higher caliber than the All of our sites are hosted on dedicated servers that we configure, monitor, maintain, secure and patch for you.Stockdale’s leadership team has a long history of operational success and the firm’s in-house property management team has the ability to easily execute cutting-edge renovations and/or reposition large properties.

Other major tenants include Yelp, Square, Indeed, Clearlink, and Spaces.

We also install and maintain web applications and a firewall for optimal performance and security.

Each account is self-contained, and cannot affect other websites or the server as a whole.

Shauna holds a BA in Business Management from Texas Women’s University.

She has over 10 years of experience with PHP, CSS and all things Word Press.

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