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every entertaining, but the blue guy is a little cheesy. David J ½* April 11, 2012 Probably the most painful movie I had to suffer through. Stacks A *½ August 7, 2011 hot women but some bullshit lol Milton D ***½ July 4, 2011 good movie, once again the critics crucify a good movies. You get what you expect from a name such as this movie lol Entertaining and amusing to say the least. Keith Robinson’s character dies and leaves a portion of his estate to us. In order for us to get this money, we are ordered by him to reconnect and to stay together in this mansion for a weekend to rekindle and jump-start our friendships. Holly has a special appearance in this one; two scenes. I had to watch it in intervals over a period of 3 days. every entertaining, but the blue guy is a little cheesy. Nothing to write home about apart from the 2 main girls are hot :) Ole J ½* February 4, 2011 Bad movie, I thought it at least would have some fun, but most of all its trash, with a couple of old timers from 80-90 series etc. After Beaver finally goes “gay,” at a club filled with horny gay men ready to eat alive any straight men who dare walk in, he spends the rest of his screen time wearing short shorts, midriff-baring knotted T-shirts, and hosting pool parties. The film can’t even accept its own logic, though, making Beaver realize, post-flaming out and all, that he cannot bring himself to kiss another man and, therefore, wasn’t truly gay all along.

This system rigged by men, in which women are passed around as stupid, gullible gifts that just keep on giving and heterosexual sex is always some kind of rape has been poetically depicted in Ian Mc Ewan’s novel , and philosophically in Gayle Rubin’s essay “The Traffic in Women.” But here all we get is the naturalization of the grotesquerie of that system (“Women are programmed to say no, even if they like you,” Dog warns us), which is played for laughs.

” Howard hanging around in a wheelchair, Reign Morton queening it up, and stand-up Tony T. A homemade vaudeville that’s likable enough to wear you down with its eager-to-please capering.

September 28, 2010 | Rating: 2/4 Kam Williams / The Loop21A titillating tribute to the novel notion of strangers with benefits.

October 21, 2010 | Rating: 1/5 Tim Cogshell / Boxoffice Magazine Everything about this film is fairly offensive, including its racial stereotypes, homophobia, misogyny, generally bad writing and amateur filmmaking.

October 7, 2010 | Rating: .5/4 Diego Semerene / Slant Magazine The only thing perhaps scarier than being surprised by the gay monster is, apparently, mistaking a tranny for a real woman.

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