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Conversational analysis - Here is an activity from Jessica Collett's Social Psychology course in which students analyze possible conversations they might have.

Here is some background info on conversational structure.

Creating an "average" face - Interesting site lets you create an average face from images provided.

The site also explains how these average faces are created. " Even more fun with faces - Robin Musselman used the "Human Race Machine" as part of a class to, well, I'll let Robin tell it: "I try to think of an overarching theme each semester.

Belle Isle, Detroit and Hamtramck Tune up those bikes for the annual Motor City Gears and Beers!

A sampling bike tour of Detroit's Breweries and Notorious Watering Holes. Hosted By The Social Connection and Zoo De Mack Enjoy a fall day on the Detroit River at one of Detroit's oldest and most historic buildings.

I gave students the right to remove their picture if they wanted to, but I think only one or two out of 120 did so.

The ride is approximately 30 Miles and fairly flat.

It also provides opportunities to talk about things like naturalistic fallacy errors and the temptation to evaluate psychological theories (provisional and testable descriptions of nature) by the way they make us feel or the social ends they might or might not serve." The Similarity Project - In one version of this activity, starting in groups of four, students are asked to identify as many similarities as they can between their different groups.

Then they join larger and larger groups to see if they can identify even more similarities.

Joing hundreds of Ghost's, Super Hero's, Cartoons, Gouls, Classic Icons, Zombies and many more on the streets of Royal Oak, as they and you bounce from Bar to Bar in this Halloween themed Pub Crawl.

Brought to you by the producers of the Zombie Pub Crawl and iconic Santa Con Pub Crawl.

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