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Spanish political interest overwhelmed that situation, but it was there. From your cultural-evolutionary perspective, is that a benefit from the perspective of increased interconnectivity between the people? HENRICH: I would see it as a great loss because languages contain rich ideas about the culture. You say Denmark is in some ways very well interconnected with the world.When people learn languages they may actually come to think about the world differently. You don’t have to necessarily impede communication. There’s a real chance in workplaces Danish won’t be spoken 30 years from now, and English will be. Shouldn’t you consistently at most margins favor the larger language groups?COWEN: But if you’re just betting on countries: here’s a country with only one language, here’s a country with five languages — which will be more creative? HENRICH: It’s unclear because if you have multiple languages, you can potentially learn from people.

HENRICH: I tend to think of disciplines as — they’re really cultures, right? They’re being taught what counts as evidence, what’s a good project, what’s a good paper, how do you do a presentation. Anthropologists read their papers, so they stand up in the front and just read it. But in the case of economics, I think it’s strongly influenced by the need to run everything through individual choice models. I have a lot of friends who — they have an interesting empirical result. HENRICH: You’re thinking that when males don’t achieve very much prestige, how that affects them? There’s a lot of copying and mimicry amongst people who are prestigious . In order to increase their status, they have to take big risks.

If you’re a cultural learner and you learn a little bit from this guy and a little bit from this guy and a little bit from that guy and recombine them, you get a brand-new thing. You actually were just cultural-learning from three different people.

COWEN: To follow up on that, in the 19th century, Tocqueville wrote that Americans were among the most conformist of people.

HENRICH: My take on this is that we do have a tribal psychology.

The key to building nation states and religions was to harness this tribal instinct.

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