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Then, in 2005, he was arrested for picking up a prostitute.An attorney said he could avoid prosecution if he didn’t admit guilt. But he “felt incredible shame, completely lost and alone and afraid.” In the middle of all that, he had a spiritual experience that reaffirmed his faith and helped him.Both deeply religious, they didn’t believe divorce was a good solution.But their lives had been pretty idyllic to that point, she says now, and they didn’t have a lot of resilience.

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And despite the fact that so-called “gray divorce” among older couples has increased over time, James says couples who make it to 20 years or so together are far more likely to stay married.Men stop being as romantic, nobody is trying as hard, they’re not on their best behavior” like they were when courting.Things get a little boring and couples “start to see flaws." The research didn’t untangle which marital issues can be overcome, but it provides hints, James says.He notes that on average, years 2 through 5 or 7 and 8 have the highest probability of divorce.Bethesda, Maryland, psychologist Samantha Rodman, founder of and author of “52 Emails to Transform Your Marriage!

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    It’s not always possible for people to easily find their soulmate – busyness, lack of time, pace of life often leave single women and single men no chance on changing their routine.