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Before prescribing, your veterinarian will need to know if your cat is on any other medications, as diazepam is known to interact with many.

Again, test its effect on your pet before you travel: it can sometimes cause the opposite reaction you expect, making your cat more excitable and anxious.

Acepromazine is a prescription medicine which has long been used as a sedative.

While it is relatively safe, it is not recommended because the drug acts as a chemical restraint only.

If you know your cat gets car sick, Dramamine and Gravol are over-the-counter medicines that work well.

The active ingredient in both is dimenhydrinate and while it has a sedating effect, it is really meant to keep your cat from being car sick.

Some non-prescription medicines are known to work well for cats, and are good to have on hand when you can’t get to the vet.

And if you already know how your cat reacts to an OTC medicine, it might actually be better to use it again rather than try a new prescription drug before you travel.

You can also try topical Valium, sold in a gel pen, to see if that works.

Well before your trip, make a visit your vet to discuss which drug to use.

About one in ten cats experience uncommon reactions to their medications (becoming extremely hyper instead of sedated, for example), so you’ll need to give her a trial dose.

The recommended dose is one-quarter of a tablet once or twice a day as needed.

Benadryl (diphenhydramine) is another OTC medicine often recommended for traveling cats.

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