Sample policy for mandating direct deposit

Account Information You’d have to specify details of your account such as the type of account, whether savings, checking or investment. Read on for a more comprehensive guide to filling out your direct deposit authorization form.

If more than one account, you’d have to include all the details of all the accounts you plan to use for direct deposit. Now that you have more useful information about direct deposit and the forms used to apply for it, the next thing to learn about is how to effectively fill out your forms.

Keep note though that there may be minor differences as forms come from different organizations and institutions: Generic Deposit Authorization Form To be able to set up your direct deposit with the bank or with your employer, you would first need to understand all the information in the different forms.

To give you a better understanding of the different direct deposit authorization form templates, here is a quick run through of the information to be written on the different forms.

There are four main sections in the forms and again, be sure to fill them out completely: Tick the box next to the action you are asking for in the form.

This could either authorize, change or cancel the direct deposit process on your account/s.

Authorization Usually, the authorization comes with boxes for you to tick to choose which action you wish to carry out.

Personal Information You’d have to write down your name, contact details, and other pertinent information fully.

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