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Amanda Seyfried recently split from Phillippe after three months of romancing, but angrily confronted reporters last week over the Rihanna rumours and snapped: "That is so f***ing not true".According to UK gossips and their sh-tty track record, Ri Ri wants to get with Colin Farrell. According to Us Weekly though, she’s actually been messing around with Ryan Phillippe even though they reported last week that she had rejected him at a party when he tried to step to her.The Mamma Mia star denies all the rumors related to this flick and claimed "That Rihanna story is not true. " The Barbados-born singer was spotted several times spending some precious moments with Ryan Phillippe. It seems that Ryan was the shoulder to cry on after Riri broke up with Matt Kemp.Another report tells that the two artists were keen to keep their blooming relationship in secret and deny all the rumors related to their flick. The singer seemed to have snubbed Ryan during her 23rd birthday bash that was attended by some A-rated stars like Jay-Z, Beyonce and others.

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Which would mean that he was with Rihanna at the same time that he was with Amanda Seyfried. I imagine Ri would have cut to it straight up, hand up –Seyfried? As for Rihanna, now that Kate Hudson’s manslinger has been sidelined, maybe she assumes the role for a while.After the recent breakup with Matt Kemp more and more gossips started to circulate revealing a series of relationships Rihanna might have with other celebs.Colin Farrel is only one of the most prominent targets of the young diva's affection.As if it couldn't get any more confusing, this is the same Ryan Phillippe who has only just split up from Amanda Seyfriend, but it didn't stop the source blabbing to Heatworld; “She thinks he's hot. Riri apparently keeps too many irons in the fire when it comes to her love affairs.

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