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As a serial blogger (I operate quite a few truth telling websites exposing scams and answering questions on trending topics) I decided I’d spend my weekend setting up a site I could constantly update with my experiences as a serial dater. I won’t out them here, because I had a good run there.

Met a lot of women, had a look of casual encounters, and really got my money’s worth.

Farmers Only may have its target audience right in its name, but its user base isn't exclusively composed of farmers.

There are also many users who state upfront that they don't have any farming experience at all.

Here are some quirky features that are just as quirky as the entire theme of Farmers Only: Farmers Only Store The store is where you can buy customized merchandise with designs ranging from the Farmers Only logo, their tagline "City folks just don't get it!

", sayings like "No truck, no luck", and many more.

You sign up with your phone number and every message you receive will be sent to your phone as a text message. Only active members in your target age range are shown. There wasn't much to do besides trying the Discover feature, but even that amounted to nothing.

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Free members can even read and reply to Gold members' messages.

Farmers Only, launched in 2005, was conceptualized to bring together people who enjoy "wide open spaces and blue skies".

As the name explains, the dating site is meant for farmers, ranchers, cowboys/girls, and animal lovers looking to meet, date, and hopefully, fall in love.

Products sold are t-shirts, mugs, hats, framed posters, among others.

Farm Phone Farm Phone lets you enjoy some of the Farmers Only features through a texting service. Discover You are presented with photos (and only display photos) of users and you can select either "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on them.

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    Many ESTJ's have a huge pet peeve for people not putting in their share of the work.

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