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The results you report are rather curious, to the point of extreme implausibility.

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if you turn on the receiver at a moment it cannot actually "hear" a satellite, the unit may try the search condition which would have initiated contact with that satellite and fail--moving on to search other frequency/code sequence combinations which don't currently have a satellite, before eventually trying again something close enough to work. I did a bit of testing today, using 3 multi-story public parking garages.All outside test were started in a clear area outside of the garage. Wait 15 minutes, then turn the unit on & record the time to lock on. Results: It made no difference where the unit was turned off or where the unit was turned on.The lock on times were within a second or 2 of each other.A good rule of thumb is that you should connect at least weekly to get current data.(FWIW, the Quickfix data tells the GPS the current satellite positions, compensating for the drift in their position.

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