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Adverse treatment of pregnant women often arises from stereotypes and assumptions about their job capabilities and commitment to the job.

For example, an employer might refuse to hire a pregnant woman based on an assumption that she will have attendance problems or leave her job after the child is born.

The majority of charges include allegations of discharge based on pregnancy.

Reasonable accommodations available to pregnant workers with impairments that constitute disabilities might include allowing a pregnant worker to take more frequent breaks, to keep a water bottle at a work station, or to use a stool; altering how job functions are performed; or providing a temporary assignment to a light duty position.In 2008, a study by the National Partnership for Women & Families found that pregnancy discrimination complaints have risen at a faster rate than the steady influx of women into the workplace.Moreover, the study found that much of the increase in these complaints has been fueled by an increase in charges filed by women of color.Employment decisions based on such stereotypes or assumptions violate Title VII.Three months after Maria told her supervisor that she was pregnant, she was absent several days due to an illness unrelated to her pregnancy.

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