Outlook 2016 cached exchange mode not updating otaku dating

The order in which it does this depends on your version of Outlook (see the table below).While you can’t directly change the sync order, you can still influence it by selecting the folder that you want to have synched.If I turn off the caching and restart outlook it shows emails up to date.What issues do you forsee if I was to try exporting the user's entire mailbox to a .pst, removing their store on the exchange server, recreating the store, then importing the pst file to recreate their email/calendar/addressbook If you copy everything to a pst and make sure it has everything that you need (don't forget contacts and calendar).When I disable outlook's cached mode and restart outlook their inbox populates normally with all emails.If I turn cached mode back on and restart outlook it goes back to the same point in time when the emails originally stopped arriving.Once Outlook is started and the cache has been updated, the synchronization is taking place based on timers and not on folders. Note 1: When Outlook is placed in “Work Offline” mode and you initiate a manual send/receive (keyboard shortcut F9), the currently selected folder does not have an affect on the synching order.

Two users on my network have stopped receiving emails into their inbox on their laptops. The first person had the issue begin two weeks ago, the second has started today.

I've removed the user's profile and recreated it already. I've just tried deleting the OST file from the user's harddrive that's just become affected.

I've disabled the antivirus on the server, now when I opened the mail file it only populates to January 30 2007.

I wasn't successful in moving the affected mailboxes to another store/server so I broke down and did the eseutil repair on the affected store. i'm waiting for the other user to get back from a trip to verify that it fixed for him as well.

i think once the repair to the store is done, you should be able to have outlook cached mode working again.

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