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The Law Library has a staff of five professional librarians and one support person.

Interested in learning more about Service Committee activities? The annual Introduction to Legal Research Program is LLNE’s 6-week overview of the basic skills and materials used in legal research.

Data collection and analysis will allow librarians to better understand and quantify the library's strengths and weaknesses, determine the drives of demand on the library's resources, along with changes in those demands, and to properly allocate resources.

improved understanding of the data generated will allow librarians to justify resources needed, motivate staff, and better plan for the future. Garbrecht Law Librarysupports the research and educational needs of the students, faculty and staff at the University of Maine School of Law.

The law collection continued to grow as a section of the Maine State Library until 1971, when the Law and Legislative Reference Library was created as a legislative office.

Also at that time the Maine State Library moved to the newly-constructed Cultural Building, and the Law and Legislative Reference Library moved into space in the State House formerly occupied by the State Library.

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