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She made the decision to become a professional wrestler after watching Rey Mysterio Jr. In 1998, she started learning to wrestle under the likes of Ricky Santana and Kevin Quinn.

After her training was complete, she wrestled in various independent and lower tier wrestling promotions.

During her fighting career, she has gone by many names – Angelica, Lita, Miss Congeniality.

But one thing is sure, Amy Dumas is one of the most decorated female wrestlers in the history of the WWE and beyond.

It wasn’t long before WWE scripted their love triangle into their on-screen storyline.

This storyline pit both men against each other, culminating in the WWE terminating Matt’s contract with Amy Dumas made it three with her third Champions title when she defeated Mickie James on August 14, 2006, but lost it to Trish Status who won the title in her last professional fight.

Amy fulfilled this role from October 2015 through to July 2016.This contract was followed up sometime later by Memphis Championship Wrestling (MCW) where Amy, now known by the stage name Lita was paired up with Essa Rios.Following their WWE debut in February 2000, Lita and Rios feuded with the likes of Eddie Guerrero and Chyna.Some of them include Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW), and NWA Mid-Atlantic, the former being where she met the would be WWE superstar brothers, Jeff and Matt Hardy.After joining Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1999, she trained under Dory Funk, Jr.

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