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Prices, discounts, number of available recorded shows, exclusive Fan Club videos, and nude show photos are determined by model and subject to change.

I can understand about being upset on a model breaking a rule or making fun of someone for doing something retarded--such as something bad for her health--but why the hell does it matter if someone else tips a girl and you don't get boobs?

There's something fucked up about you getting upset over not seeing their boobs or you thinking they should be worth a shitload less because you don't get tits. If anything, this forum wasn't made to be disrespectful in this manor.

These are not third-world workers, but somewhat high-paid Americans and Canadians.

In terms of the design, the user-friendly navigation is flawless. You can find the girls online by looking for the “CAM GIRL ONLINE”: I clicked on a 23 year-old American girl who went by the nickname of “Tammy.” As you can see from the screen capture below, although these are technically “non nude” chat, you can’t argue with the hotness of this babe: Here’s the deal, you don’t get a lot of models to choose from.

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