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When we arrived we needed to wait 30 minutes before we could enter, even we made a reservation in advance. Not for the faint of heart though - no bathing suits are allowed on site...

We booked the lunch buffet and heard that this was not a buffet anymore but a shared lunch. Elysium day spa is supposed to be the biggest in The Netherlands. For "hygienic reasons", of course x PI really liked going to Elysium but these days I prefer other saunas because it is not as good as it used to be.

for your concern , as a woman I wont appreciate that at all - I face this situation with one man who was looking at me - my advice would be to look only the face of people and nothing else -even if everyone is curious - everyone also need to respect each other , otherwise if you go on Mondays it's swimming suits days :) much more comfortable ( I wasn't aware otherwise I would choose on Mondays ).

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However, the Dutch have one of the highest proportions of naturists in the world and so there are many naturist venues to visit.

Through our Civic Web Portal you can subscribe to meeting updates, search documents (such as meeting minutes) and even find out when our next meeting is scheduled.

Topless sunbathing is allowed on most beaches in the country, so feel free to sunbath like this, unless there are signs prohibiting such behavior.

To spot areas reserved for nudist, look for signs saying “naakstrand” or ”naturistenstrand”.

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