Nation of islam and dating

There is a popular conception of the Nation of Islam as a male-dominated organization.

Most of the media coverage of the religion focuses on prominent Muslim men, such as Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and Louis Farrakhan.

It was founded in Detroit, Michigan, in 1930 by Wallace Fard Muhammad.

The main goal of the Nation of Islam is to bring back the spiritual, mental, social and economic condition of blacks in the United States. Their type of Islam is different from Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims.

He said the Nation of Islam has a significant collection that isn’t shared with nonmembers.

“I think this trove of 1,000 documents is very important for scholarship and for the writing of the history of the Nation,” he said.

Nation of Islam members traditionally have believed that God came in the form of Fard; Islam recognizes only one God.

In the past, Farrakhan’s most inflammatory comments have included referring to Judaism as a “gutter religion” and calling Adolf Hitler “wickedly great.” Farrakhan has over the years denied claims of anti-Semitism, arguing his remarks are often taken out of context and that criticism of Jews in any light automatically earns the “anti-Semite” label.

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Lawrence Mamiya, a Vassar College professor of religion and Africana studies, said the documents should be most revealing and rewarding for scholars and others outside the movement.DETROIT (Final - Attorney Gregory Reed recently presented rare and historical Nation of Islam documents dating back to its origin in 1930 to the public. The documents are part of a larger, more extensive collection that has been preserved by the descendants of Nation of Islam pioneers, John Mohammed and wife Burnsteen Sharrieff Mohammed. Fard, extensive writings on the structure, policies governing the Nation as well as the accreditation and training of teachers at Muhammad University of Islam.Muslim women who do receive a degree of fanfare, such as Betty Shabazz, do so largely based on the notoriety of their husbands.The expectations and experiences of women who join a local mosque go beyond this general one-dimensional portrayal.

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