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The history of Greer dates back to 1879 when it was founded by Mormon settlers from Utah.Thanks to the nearby lakes, the small town has great weather ideal for nature lovers looking for a peaceful escape in the White Mountains.You could game it to prompt your crush into talking with you. DROPPING CONSTANT "OOPS SORRY, WRONG CONVO" APOLOGIES Messenger wasn't just about keeping a single conversation going, oh no.By quickly switching your status from Online to Appear Offline and back again would send a pop-up notification to all of your online contacts, including your crush. You often had a dozen conversation tabs on the go at once. Oh, sorry, Lisa, no, not you, a different Lisa, honest.") At others, it was a desperate way of getting your crush to notice you. Oh, sorry Michelle, wrong convo.") The genius mind games of a horny teenager. ASKING FOR MSN NAMES, NOT NUMBERS When you were a teen, asking a crush for their phone number was the ultimate in nausea-inducing, sweat-causing, humiliation-guaranteeing apprehension.Thankfully, the United States boasts some incredible small towns.

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Cue an unhealthy outpouring of teenage angst that often reflected your current emotional state.

Fun, yes, but you could use it to wind up your mates too, waiting for them to nip off to the loo before gleefully setting the kissy lips emoji to automatically send every time they tried to throw a cool, nonchalant "Hey" to that one they fancied. THE FEAR OF WHO WAS REALLY READING YOUR MESSAGES on MSN Messenger only to realise that they had four of their mates sat around snickering at your teenage angst filled proclamations of affection. We still don't know and are haunted to this day by the mystery. INSTALLING MSN MESSENGER ON A SCHOOL COMPUTER It was the ultimate sign of schoolyard rebellion, and one that would earn you maximum props amongst your peers.

You wouldn't know straight away, but as soon as you found at, that was it, the pit in the stomach, the hot sweats, the "Muuuuuuuum, I'm too ill to go to school" efforts. CHECKING WITH A MATE TO SEE IF SOMEONE WAS ONLINE Oh, the shame. Nothing could quite match the excitement of opening up a chat window to message your secret (not so secret, everyone knew) crush, only to see those three magical words that gave you hope that they actually liked you too – "Contact is typing…" Eek. 30 seconds of excitedly watching that 'Contact is typing…' message and then… Installing MSN Messenger on a school computer during a tedious IT class made you a Year 8 hero.

To live in Eureka Springs is to be surrounded by natural beauty 24-7.

Even the town's most famous place of worship, the Thorncrown Chapel, ensures that you can still take in the gorgeous Ozark mountains scenery via 6,000-square-feet of windows.

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