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We’re a vital community and we are attracting President Bush and others who want to speak to us.” Despite their rejection by mainstream Jewry, Messianic Jews are not entirely outside the tent.Resnik says members of his congregation donate to local federations and are accepted to a degree as volunteers, making fundraising calls, visiting the Jewish elderly and teaching English to Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union.Many Jews understood the finding to reflect the view that beliefs have no bearing on a person’s Jewish status.“No one could ignore the Pew survey that came about,” said Mitch Glaser, the director of Chosen People Ministries.

The recent Pew Research Center survey, which caused such angst among American Jewish leaders, actually was heartening to Messianic Jews with reporting that 34 percent of respondents believed it was possible to believe in Jesus and be Jewish.

Bush granted Messianic Jews a brief shining moment in the spotlight last week — and then just as quickly sent them back into the shadows.

The Messianic Jewish Bible Institute in Dallas had advertised Bush as the keynote speaker at its annual fundraiser on Nov.

Sources close to the former president said that an aide recommended accepting the engagement without understanding Jewish sensitivities.

Bush went ahead, the sources said, not because he favored the movement’s mission of proselytizing but because he thought backing out would be bad form.

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