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Not to be contary, but I have worked with Marlo Thomas and she was just fine, perfectly pleasant.

I also worked with Tom Hanks on That Thing You Do and everyone was always walking around on eggshells.

When a person's stuff causes problems in their everyday lives: they can't walk in their homes unless there's pathway, they can't have people over because clutter has taken over every seating area, that's hoarding.

He also holds a powerful position inside the industry.

Those "aides" usually didn't last beyond a few months or a couple years. I'm talking about grunts and gofers who were low on the food chain. Thomas calls me over and demands that I tell that "goddamn pilot to shut his mouth". It's amazing how celebrities think everyone should cater to their every whim even when they are fairly obscure or their star has faded.

This was pre 911 so I took my key, went up to the cockpit and told the captain and he found it amusing. Phil Donahue sat there quietly through out the ordeal with his nose buried in a book. Hopefully the pilot kept his running dialogue up just to piss her off.

He was totally irate at being interrupted and yelled at my friend "What did you do - tell people I was here?

The people who worked for him seemed really afraid of him and said they'd lose their jobs if we did. It's revolting."I'm not surprised that stars and agents and producers are assholes, I'm surprised that everyone in that town just bends over and takes it."You may have heard the saying that they tilted the continent and all the nuts rolled into California.When I went back to the cabin a few minutes later the captain was back on the pa again pointing out something and Marlo was furious. That Marlo Thomas story reminded me of something a friend of mine, a waitress, told me years and years ago.She called me over and demands, "did you tell the goddamn captain who I am and what I said? For anyone who remembers the show Bonanza, one of the sons was an actor named Pernell Roberts who played the oldest son.Rita was ALWAYS saying how drunk Tom was from the night before.I used to very s l o w l y refill the sugar caddy so I could hear...

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