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Along the river, the two bars allegedly owned by the local police chief are - what a surprise - still standing.Recreational drugs are still easily available (mushrooms, laughing gas, marijuana, opium) and every night you still have at least two hundred backpackers filling up the bars in the city center.Posted by jmdma808 on 18/6/2009 at MADMAC thanks for the great advice for Laos, and i totally know what you are saying about Thailand.I have actually been there a couple of times already, including Pattaya, and yeah, definitely get the GFE over there.They all indulge in heavy binge drinking, similar to what you could experience during summer festivals or student parties. Many of the bartenders and staff are foreigners so it really feels like a college house party.Real Backpacker Hostel 1 and Real Backpacker Hostel 2: Both are clean, next to the bars and they have organize a fun pub crawl every night. They give free drinks every night from 8PM to 9PM, followed by a happy hour until 10PM.i just wanted to party laos style with some laos girls, get a different cultural experience and share some traveling with going to laos by myself and dont want to get lonely.

Posted by Rufus on 17/6/2009 at No, don't think you are a chauvinist, however be aware that in Laos it is illegal for a Lao citizen, male or female), to have sex with a non Laos if you are not married. Having said this, there is a p4p scene, but you have been warned.Most of them are westerners in their early 20s on a gap year.I was also surprised to see many Asians, especially young Koreans.It limited the number of bars on the riverside, imposed curfews and made a few drug-related arrests.Vang Vieng nightlife in 2017 is certainly not the debauchery it used to be, but it has not completely died yet.

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