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The AI aspect of Translator gets a helping hand from humans who test and improve the accuracy of translations.

In a statement to Motherboard, Microsoft argues that this is necessary improve the quality of the service.

While I don't know exactly what one could do with this information, it seems odd to me that it isn't being handled in a more controlled environment".

It does intimate it with some careful wording, though.“To help the translation and speech recognition technology learn and grow, sentences and automatic transcripts are analyzed and any corrections are entered into our system, to build more performant services.”The data captured and sent - securely - to reviewers isn’t identifiable according to Microsoft, but as the source explains, that may not matter to whoever’s personal moments are being listened to by strangers.  Microsoft now joins Apple, Google and Amazon in being caught out for using humans to improve AI via private audio snippets.

Two weeks ago, a whistleblower speaking to the Guardian revealed that accidental activation of Apple’s Siri resulted in recordings of private moments being sent to contractors tasked with improving the AI service.

The tagging is done by going over their profiles one by one.

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