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4-18 418 25 Mar 09 Futuritis The home sites for this guide are for show info and Contact Us: To correct episode titles click through the episode and submit corrections via the specific list provider. Life is not the same all the time; there are ups and downs.It has been fifteen years they are dating each other.Nowadays, we mostly hear about divorce and break up, but we rarely hear about dating and marriage for a long time.After starting the relationship, they moved to Germany as Bo was too young for getting married and they returned to America after she turned , John Derek died due to cardiovascular disease. The Room • The Fall • The Party • Puppy Dog Tails • Grade-Point: Average • The Wedding • The Poxfather • House of Games • Marti the Monster • Sweet Misery • Babe Raider • All Systems No Go • Male Code Blue Date with Derek • He Shoots, She Scores • Middle Manic • The Venturian Candidate • Battle of the Bands • Lies My Brother Told Me • Crushin' the Coach • Prank Wars • Freaked Out Friday • The Bet • Mice and Men • Dinner Guest • The Dating Game Two-Timing Derek • It's Our Party • Misadventures in Babysitting • Slacker Mom • Power Failure • Don't Take a Tip From Me • The Bully Brothers • Home Movies • Show-Off-Tune • Summer School Blues • Grade a Cheater • Adios Derek • Fright Night • Sixteen Sparkplugs • When Derek Met Sally • A Very Derekus Christmas • Ivanwho?The series had four seasons, and has one TV-made film, Vacation With Derek, which takes place after the finale of the show.

Even if those things involved a not quite as obnoxious as he used to be but still pretty damn obnoxious step-brother and a slightly trashy, backstabbing cousin.

Life With Derek is a Canadian television sitcom that was made popular in the United States when it aired on Disney.

It features two separate families emerging as one (like the Brady Bunch had) when their parents marry each other.

There was a logical explanation for the situation she was in.

Everything boiled down to logic if you worked through it enough.

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