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Those who reject their own group and wish to change may be viewed as ‘traitors’ to family and old friends.Those who wish to belong to more than one group may be mistrusted by both, and seen as ‘spies’.” While there are still many people who hold traditional values as sacred and take pride in the culture they have been exposed to growing up, I believe that most people grasp the opportunity for change and embrace it.Racial prejudice perverts this uniqueness of the races and takes the view that these differences separate individuals further into groups, with one group being inferior to the other”.This statement shows exactly how distorted our image of one another has become.(Word count: 364)This article gives a great example of intercultural conflict.

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There are many different places and objects named after him, including the controversial, Sutter Place.

Sutter may have been the “father of Sacramento”, but he was also a child molester.

According to the article, “‘Sutter’s possession of captive girls and boys coupled with his despotic power seems to have led to some serious abuses,’” writes Forbes.

I thought it was interesting to actually take a look at how the author of the article responded to the question of, do we all have it?

I agree that it’s hardwired in our systems from the moment we begin to recognize differences among the people we are surrounded by.

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