Josh farro and hayley williams dating

Later, when they formed Paramore, along came Jeramy (Davis). Yes, Paramore is still very together and coming out with a new album later this year[: However, the lead guitarist, Josh Farro, and drummer, Zac Farro, left the band.

Thus, leaving lead singer, Hayley Williams, bassist, Jeremy Davis, and rhythm guitarist, Taylor York.

When [artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] announced this past weekend that they had parted ways with brothers Josh and Zac Farro, they did so by taking a not-so-subtle jab at their former bandmates, writing, "None of us were really shocked.

For the past year, it hasn't seemed as if they wanted to be around anymore ...

She sings of how she felt their relationship was "Short", "She thought it would last forever" and "How their just teenagers and don't know any better".“Maybe one day we’ll be really good friends again and be able to hang out, but as of right now it’s taking those next steps of ‘okay at first it was raw and nobody wanted to talk to each other’ and now I feel we’re at that stepping stone where we can be in each other’s presence and it’s good now and everybody feels great, but maybe that next step is hanging out. Maybe it’s in the near future.” Farro is keen to focus on his solo career now, ruling out the possibility of returning to Paramore.“The thought [rejoining] has crossed my mind before, but I don’t think so.I had a statement typed ready to post to you guys but Hayley released one without my permission," his statement begins."I wish it didn't have to happen that way, Zac and I wanted to be the ones you heard it from.

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