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And to do that, you have to be -- have more of an education.

KING: This was the vocabulary, "Dog," that you've had all of your life?

I mean I dropped out of school -- and I don't want to blame it on that.

KING: It's tough to hear, but let's listen to a segment of the taped phone call that landed you in this world of hurt.

She's -- I've been away from her since the '80s, so now she's like getting even.

I mean it's like, you know, this is -- I deserve it, but I'm getting flogged, you know what I mean?

CHAPMAN: But I thought I was cool with the certain people that I know and love that are black, that, you know, that can call me "whitey" and I can say -- you know what I mean?

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I was talking to my son and bam, the next day -- this was in March, so about eight months ago this happened.And they had dressed -- four of the five had tank shirts on, these girls.So I called him up and said, you know, what are you doing, son?Now their show is cancelled and the damage total is in the millions. Here’s Dog “The Bounty Hunter” Chapman’s racist rant about Tucker Chapman’s girlfriend, Monique Shinnery.Once you get past the language – and that’s just Dog being Dog – he sounds like any dad trying to steer his kid away from a money hungry bitch whose presence is disrupting the entire family.

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